All About STBSTN

Preparation meet Opportunity

In 2018, with the help of my husband and two boys, I established Some Things Borrowed, Some Things New as a way to help bring people together to celebrate life’s milestones. From there, STBSTN has expanded to include sharing my ever-growing portfolio of creations. All the while, my purpose remains the same: to provide services and products that enrich the lives of my customers and community.

My journey began back in PA where I grew up surrounded by wonderful friends and family who showed me the joy of togetherness with good food and even better company. From there, my journey to find myself took me to 7 additional states over 4 time zones where I found lifelong friends, my husband, learned the joy of motherhood, and realized what I was looking for was with me the whole time- sharing what I love.

My hope is that by sharing what I love I am able to bring you the same joy I feel by creating.